Petex Training Pads 30 Units

Petex pet training puppy pads,Quick drying surface prevents tracking, Perfect for training puppies or assisting aging dogs.



Pads for training puppies indoors. Our pads are made of Latex and come with the scent of lavender, for complete neutralization of unpleasant odours. They are excellent for training puppies, as well as using for the treatment of adult or elderly dogs who are unable to leave the house. The size of the pad is 60X60 cm and there are 4 stickers in the corners, keeping the pad in place. Our pads are manufactured to the highest standards, containing SAP-4G for maximum absorption of the liquids.

The top layer uses Insta-Dry Technology to prevent spreading or tracking throughout your house.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Superior Quality

Total training pads in a box 30 pcs.