PETEX dental rope toy

Dog chew toy made of 100% cotton which is Safe and Durable for dog chewing, soft cotton fiber reducing plaque build-up and preventing gum disease ,chew help to clean dog’s Teeth and keep them in good Dental health .




Choosing Safe Dog Toys ,that fit your dog’s size and avoid those he can work to the back of his mouth
Select toys that match your dog’s play style.
Keep a variety of toy types on hand; rotate to spark your dog’s interest, EASY TO WASH – unlike your dog, washing this toy is super convenient.

Dogs have a natural need to chew. Especially as puppies, when their adult teeth develop,Chewing reduces plaque and the growth of bacteria in the dog’s mouth.Durable Pet Puppy Dental Teeth Gums Chew.

The toy are suitable for long play and prevent the dog from becoming frustrated when its owner is not around,Playing together strengthens the bond between owner and dog and keeps the dog in good shape.
Gentle on dog’s mouth yet strong for powerful jaws, chewing the rope is the best way to clean dog’s teeth and improve dental health.
RELIABLE! Great toy for puppies, puppy training, daily exercise, suitable for indoor and outdoor play
Dental Health – Canine Exercise.