Canned whole foods for dogs – pieces of turkey in a juicy sauce 405 grams


Canned whole foods for dogs with chunks of turkey in a juicy sauce

Ingredients: Meat and by-products (4% India) Cereals, eggs and egg products, minerals, sugars  Nutritional content in percent   5.5% protein, fiber (cellulose) 0.5% fat 3.50%, ash 3.0%  Nutritional supplements: vitamins, minerals  Vitamin D3 160 IU / kg, Copper sulphate pentahydrate 7.6 mg / kg (Cu 1.9 mg / kg) Moisture – maximum 82%


Recommended feeding amounts:


Dog weight Recommended amount
5 kg 500 g
10 kg 800 g
15 kg 1100 g
20 kg 1350 g
30 kg 1800 g


Note: Recommended feeding amounts only, excessive feeding of the pet should be avoided  Fresh water should be available at all times, considering the age, weight and level of activity of the dog     Not for human consumption  Expired and expiration date stamped on package  Keep the product in a cool, dry place – avoid sun exposure  Once opened, refrigerate for up to 48 hours  Weight 405 grams.