Canned whole foods for adult cats with chunks of salmon in a juicy 405 g sauce


Meat and by-products Meat (4% Salmon) Cereals, eggs and egg products, minerals, sugars

Nutritional content in percent:
6% protein, fiber (cellulose) 0.5% fat 3.5%, ash 3%

Nutritional supplements: vitamins, minerals

Vitamin D3 140 IU / kg, copper sulphate pentahydrate 4.4 mg / kg (Cu 1.1 mg / kg)

Moisture – 82%

 Recommended feeding amounts:

An adult cat weighing 4 kg should be fed one can of food per day

Can be divided into 2 meals a day. Once opened, refrigerate for up to 48 hours

Note: Recommended feeding amounts only, excessive feeding of the pet should be avoided

Fresh water should be available at all times, considering the age, weight and level of activity of the cat

Not for human consumption