40cm Chicken wrapped rawhide twisted stick

2 sticks of cattle leather. Excellent for chewing on large dogs.
40 cm Chicken wrapped rawhide twisted stick.
Very tasty and enjoyable. No food coloring and no preservatives.
Item number: CT-1515, Weight 360 Gram.

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Product details:

Extra large chewing bones 40 cm.
Excellent for long-term chewing and preventing home damage.
Specially designed for large mouth and jaw.
Real chicken meat for especially delicious chewing experiences.
Without by-products of the meat industry.
No food coloring and no preservatives.
complementary food for the dog, does not replace the dog’s permanent food, avoid excessive feeding.
Fresh water should be available at all times.
Ingredients: rawhide,chicken meat,vegetable protein. Analysis: Crude Protein 70%, Crude ash 2%, Crude fiber 0.7%, Crude fat 0.18%, Moisture 14%.

Size: 40 cm
weight: 360 g


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