3″ Pair smoked chicken donut

Smoked bone in the shape of donut, (a pair of bones in a package), with chicken meat coating.
Made of raw beef, fresh chicken meat, vegetable protein.
Without food coloring and preservatives.
Item number :CT-1516 Weight 130 gram, Packing Way 2 Units in A Bag.

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Product details:

Ingredients: rawhide,chicken meat,vegetable protein, Analysis: Crude Protein 70%, Crude ash:2%, Crude fiber 0.7%, Crude fat 0.18%, Moisture:14%. (Master Carton : 72 Bags of 130 gram Double donut).
Suitable for feeding dogs of all races, supplementary food for the dog, does not replace the dog’s permanent food, avoid excessive feeding.
Fresh water should be available at all times. Excellent for cleaning teeth, relieving stress and boredom.
Size: 3 inch.
Weight: 130 g.


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