As an upcoming manufacturer, Petex puts an emphasis on comfort and convenience when it comes to bringing a pet into the house.

The main feature of our Petex Silica gel cat litter, is its’ strong adsorption capacity! Within only a few seconds our litter absorbs faeces and urine as well as unpleasant smells generated therefrom. Petex Silica gel cat litter inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps the surface of the cat litter dry and clean in order to ensure sanitary safety of your environment. Furthermore, it also adsorbs volatile gas and moisture in the air to achieve the effect of air freshener! With its’ unique features, the Silica gel cat litter is very easy to handle and minimizes your effort and cleaning time. Silica gel cat litter has a unique fragrance that attracts cats and thus minimizes any possible rejections by your cat.

  • The small using amount, long service life
  • One bag of cat litter is about 3.8L can be continuously used by one cat for almost one month
  • Multi-color & multi-flavor, pet favourites