Main features of silica gel cat litter by Petex Company, Strong adsorption capacity
This cat litter can absorb faeces and urine of pets as well as peculiar smell generated therefrom within several seconds, can inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the surface of cat litter dry and clean to ensure sanitary safety of pet environments, and can also adsorb volatile gas and moisture in the air to achieve the effect of air freshener, thus keeping the air fresh and the environment clean. With unique properties, the silica gel cat litter generates minute quantity of refuse during use, thus reducing the labor intensity of owners and more effectively keeping the environment sanitary
Small using amount, long service life
Note : A bag of cat litter is about 3.8L can be continuously used by one cat for Almost one month
Multi-color & multi-flavor, pet favorites
Diverse colorful cat litters and cat litters with different fragrances have special attraction to pets, and can be very easily accepted by pets

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