Petex Silica cat litter apple scent

PETEX Silica cat litter 3.8 L , is probably the easiest cat litter to use,Superior odor control.
Petex Silica Crystal formula minimizes tracking.
Convenience of changing the litter once per month.
for kitten&adult cats.
non toxic,soft on paw cat,antibcterial, apple scent cat litter .
3.8L .

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Petex silica cat litter 3.8 L,save time and money ,1/8 the waste of cly litters,absorbs liquids&;odors,lightweight&;easy to clean ,remove solid waste only.
petex cat litter,Enriched with apple scent ,petex cat litter appropriate for kittens and adult cats ,no tracking ,soft for cat paws,antibctrial.
Petex Silica cat litter are very long-lasting (highly absorbent (non-clumping contain millions of ultra-absorbent micropores that absorb liquids quickly and efficiently.


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